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At Schumaker & Company we've spent years listening to various clients describe their problems and concerns. One thing we've discovered is that many of our clients have similar problems that can be easily solved by similar solutions.

That's why we offer a number of flexible software tools that we can customize to meet your specific -- but commonly experienced -- problems.

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        Time and Expense Information Reporting System (TEIRS)

        Project Management Information Application (PMIA)

        Information Technology Database


Time and Expense Information Reporting System (TEIRS) 

For professional services firms, tracking and billing for time are essential parts of doing business—and among the most cumbersome. Schumaker & Company developed the Time and Expense Information Reporting System (TEIRS) database to collect information regarding time spent and expenses incurred by staff members and outside consultants on assignments.

Time and expenses are tracked for several reasons:
        Firm management
             Firm performance can be measured through staff utilization and other reports.
             The system provides a database of information.
        Client relations
             The system provides assignment management reports—actual to budget, invoiced to actual, etc.
             Professional fees & expenses associated with assignments are billed to client.
        Employee reporting
             The system tracks paid time off.
             The system automates employee expense submission and reimbursement.
             The system provides various reports for individuals to measure performance.

With TEIRS, one can easily monitor the total time and expenses spent by assignment, work area, task, or by personnel. The application has been designed to run on a client/server environment and has been web enabled.

Assignments can be invoiced by fixed fee, time and materials, or other variations.

In a nutshell, the Schumaker & Company Time and Expense Information Reporting System puts all time and expense information in a single application—a system that yields comprehensive management information and gives insight into employee productivity, profit margins, project schedules, and resource management.

Project Management Information Application (PMIA) 

Schumaker & Company identified the need to find a way to consistently apply project management techniques (defined as the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet or exceed stakeholders’ needs and expectations) to all our projects so that we could balance the competing demands of:

        Scope, time, cost, quality

        Stakeholders with differing needs and expectations

        Identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations)

By combining computer technology and the Internet, Schumaker & Company developed a proprietary software program integrating the teachings of the Project Management Institute into its design; Project Management Information Application (PMIA), to facilitate bringing together consultants with specific managerial and technical skills to work as a member of a unified, collaborative project team. The latest version of PMIA, introduced in the spring of 2004, is a web-based application that forms an integral part of the project website. Clients have access through their existing Web browser to consolidated data on a special Internet site set up specifically for their project. It provides for remote access and superior administrative support functionality on a project by expanding on the ability to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Having used the system on more than 30 major projects, Schumaker & Company has succeeded in increasing the quality and velocity of communication helping to build more effective business teams. Teams were able to eliminate manual workflows with minimal customization and realize direct benefits through cost savings and enhanced delivery of services.

PMIA performs a variety of important tasks, both technical and administrative, including:
        Creating an orderly information collection process that brings standardization and accuracy to the task
        Providing an interview and information request tracking system that allows for the early identification of fulfillment delays, thereby facilitating corrective action at an early point in the project
        Establishing request interview times with specific time and range, and the ability for clients and companies to confirm interviews
        Organizing document filing and retrieval through a built-in cross-referencing system between the database and paper files
        Automatically numbering each request form sequentially and printing labels listing the project name, request number and the information requested
        Permitting searches on the database by keyword, subject and many other criteria, allowing for quick and easy information identification and retrieval
        Managing the flow of requested information through a variety of standard reports that give managers instant summaries of the current status of a project
        Allowing information requests and reports to be sent electronically, eliminating the need for consultants and clients to send paper forms back and forth
        Providing a consistent structure for creating interview summaries
        Providing a higher level of information management through a checkout process

In summary, PMIA software establishes the foundation for a methodical approach to gathering, filing, retrieving, and tracking critical information. Past clients of Schumaker & Company have been impressed with the manner in which the Project Management Information Application improves communication and minimizes the opportunities for error. Additionally, they have seen first-hand the amount of administrative time that the system has saved Schumaker & Company, time that could then be spent productively on performing the actual investigative and analytical work of the project at hand.

Information Technology Database 

The maintenance of computer hardware and software specific information is a burdensome, yet necessary, responsibility of network support personnel.   This hardware and software tracking system was designed specifically to minimize the effort involved in this necessary activity.  All hardware and software information (vendor information, serial numbers, installation keys, etc.) is loaded into the system.  The system can then be used to maintain configuration information on each server, workstation, and laptop. Software loading profiles can be created and automatically compared to what is loaded on a machine.


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