Following is a list of software development, technology planning, information technology evaluation, and quality assurance efforts with which our consultants have worked during the last several years.  

Additionally, Schumaker & Company has worked with other companies who have requested that their projects remain confidential. 

 Software Development

Balimore Cass Auto Wash
Livonia, Michigan

Designed, developed, implemented, and supported a billing and accounts receivable application.  This application summarizes and tracks charges incurred by Auto Wash customers who have standing contracts (such as Detroit Edison, the City of Detroit and other major companies) for their services.  The application supports the monthly billing and accounts receivable process.  This application was developed using Access 2000/VBA.

Toronto, Canada

Collaborated on a multi-million dollar asset management solution delivery to Enbridge, a large energy utility in Canada. Partnered with Vantage and Accenture as a subcontractor to deliver two major enhancements to Pipe Maintenance Tracking System (PMTS), a gas asset management system. Designed, developed, and implemented enhancements on time and under budget using Microsoft C#.Net, Crystal Reports, and Oracle.

Holcim US
Dundee, Michigan

Holcim, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cement, as well as aggregates (gravel and sand), concrete and construction-related services, contacted Schumaker & Company to provide database design and requirements definition. The project started as a small prototype in an Access database to be used by the United States operations. As Schumaker & Company guided Holcim through the design process and offered functionality options to Holcim, the project grew to incorporate an Oracle database designed to support Holcim’s worldwide operations, and Holcim asked Schumaker & Company to provide underlying programming to support a web-based user interface that would be implemented by Holcim’s own web group. Later, Holcim’s satisfaction with Schumaker & Company’s work prompted the company to engage Schumaker & Company to program the web-based user interface as well.

Internal Schumaker & Company Projects
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Schumaker & Company has developed three Access/Visual Basic/SQL Server applications tailored to consulting business needs, including:

· TEIRS, a time and expense tracking system that can organize information by client, project, deliverable and staff person for project management and invoicing purposes. This system is currently being beta tested, and is slated for sale to the public in 2000.

· I2MS, a project documentation and interview tracking system

· QMS, an application that facilitates quality management by tracking issues, actions, change orders, defects, etc. for large projects

Kapnick Insurance
Adrian, Michigan

Provided strategic consultation related to upgrade of Exchange 5.5. to Exchange 2000 including Active Directory Design and Implementation. Installation of first AD Domain Controller and Exchange 2000 server. Process planning and performance benchmarking for data migration process. Scripting solutions related to security and user account migration. Configuration of Internet firewall for OWA/HTTPS and SMTP traffic. Evaluation of anti-virus and content filtering vendors for Internet mail. Troubleshooting of performance and security issues in new server farm.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Designed, developed, implemented, and supported a participating provider database application for M-CARE, the health management organization designed by the University of Michigan. This application allows M-CARE staff and providers to maintain up-to-the-minute information about participating providers, including location and specialization, for M-CARE participants. The application provides management information that is printed and distributed to M-CARE providers as quarterly provider directories. This application was developed using Access/VBA.

O’Neal Construction
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Designed and developed a construction cost projection model in Microsoft Access. This model used ODBC connector to access historical construction costs for O’Neal’s FOREFRONT accounting system (a Btrieve database, later transition to a SQL database) on a real time basis to develop cost projections on individual projects. The application used OLE to populate the information an Access database for further analysis and presentation.


Philadelphia Gas Works
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Schumaker & Company Information Technology Specialists worked with Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) to agree upon the installation, modification, and use of the Schumaker & Company Project Management and Information Application (PMIA) proprietary database system.

PMIA is used for organizing and managing interviews, information requests, and final work papers.  It has extensive procedures in place to footnote, annotate, and cross reference draft and final reports, to schedule and track interviews, and to track and request information.

PGW purchased a license for this application and Schumaker & Company installed and modified as necessary.

 Technology Planning & Implementation

Bosquett & Company
Detroit, Michigan

Implemented hardware upgrades and new networking infrastructure for an insurance services company.  Assisted the network administrator and staff to replace and/or upgrade existing hardware to maximize usage.  Additionally,
Schumaker & Company assisted with the migration to a more efficient Windows 2000 server, and the upgrade of applied systems WinTam Software.  Schumaker staff also assisted in user software training and continues to assist Bosquett in a technology services support role as needs arise.

Busch’s Valu Land
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Assisted in house IT department in the implementation of Microsoft Exchange Server. Lotus Notes was to be phased out with the implementation of Exchange Server.

Southfield, Michigan

Performed a needs assessment to identify the necessary changes and additions to upgrade the hardware and software of a Novell network; then helped implementation efforts, including:
  • Fileserver upgrades
  • Network expansion and growth
  • Tape backup system
  • High capacity printing
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Service and support Training

LaLonde & Co.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Developed networking plan for Windows and Macintosh platforms. Provided general computer and software support and training. Designed and implemented Access/VBA database for M-Care organization that allows them to maintain health care provider data and provide quarterly provider directories. Created Web sites implementing LaLonde & Co.’s graphic designs for Nichols, Sacks, Slank and Sweet; NuStep, Inc.; NSF International; Kelsey Law Offices, Ann Arbor Bone & Joint, etc.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Designed, developed, implemented, and supported a participating provider database application for M-CARE, the health management organization designed by the University of Michigan. This application allows M-CARE staff and providers to maintain up-to-the-minute information about participating providers, including location and specialization, for M-CARE participants. The application provides management information that is printed and distributed to M-CARE providers as quarterly provider directories. This application was developed using Access/VBA.

O'Neal Construction
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Provided ongoing network support. Reconfiguring a Windows NT Small Business Server to provide adequate security, secure Internet access, quicker network response and numerous other objectives. Reconfiguring the Exchange Server capabilities to better support O’Neal business processes.

Servant Publications
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Assisted organization by performing technology and systems integration activities involving its network. Performed installation of Microsoft Exchange Server and configuration of workstations using Exchange client and Outlook client for electronic mail messages. Implemented network with demand connection to Internet Service Provider (ISP) and configured workstations for browsing Internet.

Thorondor International
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Aided organization in local area network migration from Novell NetWare to Windows NT environment. Configured NT Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and workstations using Windows 98, Exchange Client, and Outlook for electronic mail messages. Trained staff in use of client/server environment and applicable software packages.

University Office Technologies
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Schumaker & Company Information Technology Specialists have worked with University Office Technologies to correct technical problems with their own systems and assist with their clients.

Areas of support included: Installation of new servers, migration of active directories, windows and ODM profiles, email migration from GoDaddy to Exchange, virus removal, remote configuration, hardware quotes.


 Information Technology Evaluation

City of Dearborn
, Michigan

Assisted the City of Dearborn's Technology Committee streamline and consolidate its operations, eliminate non-essential services, and optimize overall level of resources involved in achieving its goals.   This included definition of the role of the Technology Committee in relation to its five subcommittees, to MIS, and to City administration so that problems are efficiently resolved and progress is steady, definition of the role of the five subcommittees, and establishment of a one-year development plan to carry forward the recommendations of a previously-defined Technology Committee report.

City of Detroit
, Michigan

Recommended cost reduction planning and potential revenue enhancement initiatives based on process mapping and analysis of key processes for designated departments (fire and public works). These plans/initiatives address risks associated with implementation, not only within the designated departments, but especially its potential impact on the delivery of services to the residents and surrounding communities. Schumaker & Company conducted on-site analysis using interviews, process team meetings, and other research methods.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

At the request of a state oversight agency, performed in-depth investigation of corporate-wide information technology, among other issues. We found that PP&L, although attempting to improve its information technology and systems, had been unable in past years to accomplish their objectives. In this area alone, 18 major recommendations were made, including detailed steps necessary for bringing its IT function up-to-date.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

At the request of a state oversight agency, performed an in-depth review of information technology throughout the organization and an in-depth review of the company’s IT function, among other issues.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Performed a study of ALLTEL Pennsylvania, its associated companies, and its parent company. One of the key focus areas was the use of information technology throughout its operations. The data processing organization providing services to ALLTEL PA was also investigated. This project was performed on behalf of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, a state oversight agency.

State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division
Lansing, Michigan

Schumaker & Company delivered a comprehensive business process re-engineering strategy and a high-level project plan for systems redesign efforts to the  State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality Division (AQD).  By working closely with AQD staff and understanding their needs, Schumaker & Company was able to outline process improvements, scope system improvements, and deliver a strategy that exceeded expectations.

State of Michigan Insurance Bureau
Lansing, Michigan

Studied and documented the computer systems, work flows, office space design, policies, procedures, laws, regulations, manual systems, telephone systems and processes used by the Consumer Assistance Section (CAS) and also interactions with other Bureau organizations. Based on the results of this extensive study and benchmark research into other similar customer service and help desk operations, recommended ways in which CAS could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

State of Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee

At the request of a state oversight agency, performed a comprehensive review of Kingsport Power Company, an American Electric Power (AEP) operating company, including information technology functions, being provided to KgPCo by AEP Service Corporation.


Town of Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head, South Carolina

Provided services related to an assessment of the Town of Hilton Head Island’s (Town) current business processes, organization structure, staffing levels, and software that support the management of the Town’s employee information. This study evaluated the performance of the subject organization, staffing, operations, and costs with the intended final result of identifying opportunities for improving/revising/ replacing the processes, organization structure, staffing levels, and software.

Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA)
Detroit, Michigan

Identified technology business initiatives and updated the annual five-year technology performance plan at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. This project involved assessing WCAA’s technology and service needs for all 30+ divisions, plus identifying the impact of airport and/or business trends on operations, as a means to identify WCAA’s technology initiatives planned for the next five (5) years.

 Information Technology Quality Assurance

State of Michigan Department of Community Health
Lansing, Michigan

Assisted DCH management in developing a request for proposal (RFP) for an Executive Information System (EIS) and Decision Support System (DSS) to access the department’s managed care data on the State’s data warehouse.

State of Michigan Department of Community Health
Lansing, Michigan

Provided quality assurance (QA) assistance to the Department of Community Health (DCH) as it began administration of over 29 medical assistance programs. Initially, provided QA assistance to a multiple department task force established to quickly develop a scope paper and detailed master plan and schedule for implementation of a Medicaid Eligibility Decision Support System (MEDSS) Oracle-based application.

Following this initial 60-day effort, we continued to provide QA services for preliminary design and implementation steps of the Oracle-based application and an off-the-shelf pre-screening software package until the decision was made to move eligibility determination to the Family Independence Agency. Subsequently, we provided QA services for the feasibility analysis of a pre-screening package for local health departments and community agencies. Developed master QA plan and provided QA support during implementation of that plan. Performed all typical QA functions, including:

· Review, assessment, and monitoring of implementation schedules, work products and deliverables, and processes

· Risk management and analysis

· Issue tracking and resolution

· Change control process and associated procedures

· Independent QA testing and defects tracking

· Budget performance monitoring and reporting

· Status reports and project meetings

State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Imaging Project
Lansing, Michigan

Provided an oversight and quality assurance (QA) role for the Department of Environmental Quality’s records management program. Xerox was selected as the imaging hardware and software provider for this project, which involves digital imaging, cataloging, and retention of environmental related documents (engineering drawings, photographs, and written documents) pertaining to Super Fund projects. The initial phase of this project involved performing a diagnostic review of the existing situation, identifying issues currently impeding complete implementation, and suggesting a program for moving the project forward.

Subsequently, we provided implementation support for the Environmental Response and Storage Tank divisions, as well as other divisions and offices, as necessary.

State of Michigan Family Independence Agency CSES Project
Lansing, Michigan

Acted as interim Quality Assurance (QA) monitor for developing, operating, and supporting the Child Support Enforcement System (CSES) 150-person system group centrally in Lansing and remotely at county offices throughout Michigan.  Developed plans for implementation to migrate towards newer technology from an old character-based application running on mainframe computers. Developed analysis documents discussing strengths, weaknesses, and responsiveness of CSES activities, work products, and deliverables. Provided assistance in identifying testing requirements and developing test plans. Performed analysis of existing hardware, software and personnel contracts, including compliance with contract terms. Helped prepare and evaluate ITB or statement of work documents for solicitation of vendors.

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