What is Technology Integration?
Technology Integration (TI) is a customized consulting and technical support service, using both off-the-shelf and custom designed computer applications, intended to assist organizations in effectively applying technology  to their business needs. TI helps organizations stay ahead of their competition. It can be the difference between an entity that excels and one that merely survives. TI is specifically designed to help organizations achieve their operating goals. Schumaker & Company specializes in providing client consultation in the following areas:

Application Package Selection
As part of Schumaker & Company’s TI services, we provide clients with assistance in software application package selection. We aid clients in the selection and installation of many various types of software packages for a wide range of potential operating platforms. Application packages may include standard accounting, manufacturing, inventory control, order entry, or distribution applications, or may be specialized applications which  suit your particular needs.

Hardware and Software Installation
Schumaker & Company provides the expertise for cost-effective installation and set-up of both hardware and software for your organization.

Schumaker & Company sells no hardware or software. We only help select, recommend, and install hardware and software purchased from third-party dealers, so you are assured we will objectively choose the best products on the market that meet your business needs.

Network Installation and Maintenance
Your organization may need to add or share printer or modem equipment, improve interoffice  communications with electronic mail, access a remote mainframe at the home office, or log onto the Internet. We can show your staff how to access these capabilities or, if you choose, perform the work for you.

Schumaker & Company offers consulting services for all phases of network installation and maintenance. We specialize in Windows NT and 2000, but we can assist in tailoring any system to your specific needs. Our goal is to balance power, ease-of-use, and cost factors so you get optimal performance across the entire network. Today’s networks are more than just file sharing tools. When integrated with Internet interfaces, they can provide a platform for conducting virtually all business operations. Whether your needs require  linking two computers or a hundred, our networking experts can help, either through new installations or by making modifications to existing ones.

Document Management & Production
Schumaker & Company’s document management & production (DMP) technique is a highly structured approach to the development and production of proposals, reports, and other documents. It streamlines the creative process through application of the latest technological tools. Schumaker & Company can instruct your personnel in the use of DMP. Additionally, we offer structured training on the advanced features of Microsoft products.

Planning and Optimization of Information Technology
Many of our clients have been concerned about the overall effectiveness of their management, organizational structure, technical environment, or major operating policies and procedures with regard to information technology or data processing functions. In response to these needs, we have developed a program to perform assessments of their IT development, maintenance, support, and operations activities, recommend alternatives and assist in the implementation of changes as a means of streamlining operations and reducing costs. We assist our clients in determining the basic direction of their information systems and technology plans and ensure that they align with the organization’s overall strategies and plans. We help to determine the information needs of different levels of users as input to planning, designing, developing, and deploying systems and applications.

User Requirements Definition and Needs Assessment
When clients consider changes in information technology or systems, we help to examine their objectives; define their general requirements, including those in the software, hardware and telecommunications areas; and determine detailed functional requirements of all areas affected. We analyze the feasibility of implementation, as well as the effort involved, and help develop an Invitation to Bid, if desired.

Software Design and Development

We develop software that exactly meets our clients’ needs,  tailoring the software to each organization’s specific business processes. Our software design and development processes include rapid systems development techniques using structured project quality management activities for monitoring and tracking project activities. It includes continuous product review and documentation, right from the start, in close cooperation with managers and users. This methodology ensures a high quality product, which is free of defects, easy to use, and certain to achieve the client’s desired outcome.

Schumaker & Company designs both simple and complex custom applications using Microsoft products or other products as applicable. Applications can be created entirely from the ground up to fit a specific need, or we can custom tailor adaptations of one or more  existing application packages. We can provide custom programming in all Microsoft desktop and server application packages. We can combine various repetitive tasks, such as overnight updating of database reports, program startup, system backup to tape, and initiation of unattended file transfers to other systems.

Software Implementation Assistance
We evaluate, implement, and optimize software applications using management tools such as relational databases, spreadsheets, accounting systems and word processing for mainframe, minicomputer, and microcomputer environments, as well as perform these same functions for clients with local and wide area networks.

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