We recognize the uniqueness of each management problem and strive to bring to that problem a fresh, creative perspective.  Plus, we have a record of both quantifying the expected benefits of our recommendations and implementing these recommendations.  We place particular emphasis on timeliness of implementation, while minimizing disruption to your operations.

The more successful your organization becomes, the more the critical need for information increases.  Insufficient information for making business decisions is a serious problem for companies in any industry.  Schumaker & Company's expertise can be an independent guide to help you through the process of improving the way your company obtains and manages the information it needs-- practically and cost effectively.

We can assess and improve your information management system by following these phases: 

The actual activities we perform will depend on the overall objectives of the engagement. Generally, we conduct fact finding through a process of interviews; policy, procedures, and operational documents review; and field observations of representative operations. We review a clientís existing information flow by evaluating and assessing the impact of management effectiveness, organizational structure, decision processes, and major operating policies and procedures on your information system. This review allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses and to target areas for improvement. We then summarize this information and develop accordant conclusions and recommendations.

Based both on information obtained during the review phase and a clientís future plans, we provide assistance in determining both the short and long-range direction of their technology systems. This activity ensures that the future information system needs are addressed consistently with an organizationís growth objectives.

We perform a needs assessment for all functional areas of an organization contemplating a change in their technology systems. We determine systems requirements particular to each group as well as those common to all areas.

During this phase, we develop an initial plan for the information systems implementation program. Activities typically performed include evaluation and selection of products and vendors in the hardware, software, and telecommunications areas. We will also assess your organization's readiness to accept the new system. During the implementation phase, we will periodically review the plan and assess progress against it. Additionally, we will develop an implementation plan that will minimize the disruption in your business that a new system introduction can cause.

Modification of manual information flows and policies and procedures, in conjunction with the installation of packaged software or development of custom designed software, requires close management in order to ensure that the program occurs on time and within budget.

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