Schumaker & Company has conducted comprehensive and focused management, operations, and technology studies for state and local governmental agencies, municipalities, utilities, manufacturing firms, and service organizations nationwide.

We are committed to delivering results that are: 

Our consultants work closely with management to assess program, functional, or technical validity; identify specific opportunities for improvement; and develop practical plans for implementation. We know how to monitor and review practices and processes without disrupting the conduct of normal business or becoming an intrusive force.

Schumaker & Company has a unique blend of technical knowledge and hands-on management experience.  In recent years, Schumaker & Company has completed more than 50 major management, operations, and technology projects.

Since our inception, Schumaker & Company has worked with various government entities such as Department of Treasury, Family Independence Agency, Department of Corrections, Department of Environmental Quality, and Department of Management and Budget. We have performed strategic planning, management and operational reviews, business process reengineering assignments, provided project management and quality assurance, and conducted information technology implementation projects.


Schumaker & Company provides a full range of consulting services to our municipal clients. We first began working  with municipalities that included municipal electric, gas, or water systems by providing strategic planning, management and operational assessments, and information technology implementation. Our services in this area have expanded to include human resources, information technology support, and other services.


Our primary focus in this industry is the implementation for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), manufacturing systems and other forms of information technology. Clients that have been struggling for many years to successfully implement these systems have learned to call on us to achieve their objectives. Additionally, these projects often expand in scope to include operations review and improvement efforts.


Our firm developed due to the need for regulatory commissions to get a better understanding of the electric, gas, water and telecommunications entities that they regulated. We built a successful business providing management and operations review (audit) services to regulatory commissions across the country. With the advent of deregulation, our services in this area are increasingly in demand.


A natural extension of our regulatory commission and management and operational review experience was to work directly for the electric, gas, water, and telecommunications companies. Schumaker & Company developed a unique blend of industry knowledge and hands-on management experience making us experts in the management and technical aspects of electric, gas, water, and telecommunications operations, as well as relevant regulatory proceedings. This combined knowledge base makes our firm uniquely qualified for the most complex and demanding assignments.

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