We offer you focus, technology, experience, and independence.

Complete focus on your unique situation

You can expect us to take a completely fresh approach to your situation even as we apply years of collective knowledge and experience.  Whether the problems you're facing are strategic, operational, technological, financial, customer-related, or involve public policy, we can help you find the answers.

We work in partnership with you, researching, analyzing, and making decisions.  We know you won't be satisfied until you see operational results.  And neither will we.

Advanced technology to bring you effective solutions

Information Technology (IT) Companies need it, want it, and may not have a clue as to how to implement it.  We know that information technology can be the key to your company's creativity and productivity.

We have the planning expertise to develop the well-grounded strategy you need to maximize IT's potential, and the technological savvy and management skills to actually implement that plan.

Although we have considerable expertise in Microsoft solutions, we do not sell any third-party hardware or software.  Therefore, we can be completely objective in our technology recommendations you are assured we will choose the best products available in the market place.

For more on our information technology services, click here.

Extensive expertise and experience

In our firm's 19 years of consulting experience, our professionals have looked at business problems from every angle.  They have heard about them from every source.  And they have solved them in creative ways, applying smart, solid business practices to each specific situation.

Current and new clients benefit from each past client experience.  We've learned the game by playing it, which significantly reduces our learning curve on your project.

Schumaker & Company consultants are mature and experienced, with advanced degrees and practical business management experience.  They consistently meet high standards of professional competence within their disciplines and have the team-building skills ideal for working with client organizations.

An independent point of view and objective reporting

We bring a unique perspective to our consulting engagements. Because our experience crosses many industry segments , we have an independent, objective point of view so the outcome of our assignment will be meaningful and so you will achieve great solutions with realistic implementation plans and schedules.

You won’t be subjected to simplistic, inappropriate recommendations you’ll receive fully developed and relevant results.  Your business and our reputation depend on it.

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